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Hi just call me Zenn, Web Mistress (female definition for a Web Master), and some call me a true geek in regards to computers. For computers and I just get along so well. Weaving web sites for me is a true expression of myself, my imagination, putting my computer skills to work, my love for art and music all at one time!

"For the light to exist, there must be darkness; and no matter how much darkness, there will always be a little light. And no matter how much light, there will always be a little darkness for this is the way of  Heaven and Earth, Nature and Life."

Throughout this site I wish to share with you  how I see the world. I believe there is a dark and light side to everything and to everyone, some see only the light side of life, and others only the dark side.

The Sun and Moon area just a small part of the light and dark sides we see every day of our lives for they exist in this world and I wish to take you a step further ..... So don't be afraid, take my hand and come with me and explore some of my art, thoughts and writings.

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